[Vwoolf] Woolf and Maurois?

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Dear all,

I was wondering if somebody might help me with a question regarding Woolf's movements in May 1928.

That month André Maurois gave six lectures at Trinity College, Cambridge, on 'Aspects of Biography' (published in 1929 by Cambridge University Press). I am trying to find out whether Woolf attended the lectures. Neither the diary or the letters are much help in this instance; the diary for May is patchy at best; and the letters (like the diary) only mention seeing Maurois at a tea party given by Lady Colefax before Whitsun.

The only clue I can find is the diary entry for Thursday 31 May, where Woolf writes: 'No I cannot read Proust at the moment--'. Proust is central to Maurois's lecture on 'Modern Biography'. Could there be a connection there?

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