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The senior scholars involved with MAPP have long been engaged in important
and very sophisticated and in-depth work on the press and its role in
modernist publishing.  Their work has relied on earlier work by people like
J.H. Willis Jr, who wrote Leonard and Virginia Woolf as Publishers,
published in 1992.  And many others!  So it is indeed surprising to read in
that article that “Until now, no one has studied in detail Woolf’s impact on
the publishing industry of that era and the business networks of Hogarth
Press, the printing press founded in 1917 by Woolf and her husband, Leonard
Woolf, at their home in southwest London. Scholars had previously thought
the press was a niche business created to publish just Woolf’s work.”
That’s patently untrue.  I know no modernist scholar who understands the
Hogarth Press in that way, let alone any Woolf scholars.  And so I assume
that line might have been written for a grant proposal or something?







Brenda Helt

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Thanks to Gill Lowe for the news of research on the Hogarth Press going on
at Stanford. The report does however ignore some very good research done
over the years on this topic; eg Peter Alexander on VW and LW.


Trudi Tate


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