[Vwoolf] Blake ref. in JR?

Stuart N. Clarke stuart.n.clarke at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 29 06:50:03 EDT 2018

Does anyone understand this ref. to Blake?  I don’t, although I have been doing  some hunting.  

[12]  In contrast to Florinda's lying is Clara's honesty. "Alas, women lie! But not Clara Durrant. A flawless mind; a candid nature; a virgin chained to a rock" (123). (Clara does not "lie" in another sense too–hence her virginity–though Florinda, the lier, does.) The Blake reference recalls Virginia's writing Leonard candidly on May 1, 1912 that, when she kissed him, she felt no more than a rock

The ref. is of course (also?) to Andromeda.

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