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I can do that.  I’ve ordered it for Monday, but may look at it Tues or Wed.


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I am hoping to reach someone who is currently working in the British Library or who has had occasion to reproduce the preface of the 13th edition (published 1912) of E.V. Lucas's A Wanderer in London. 

I am reviewing copyedits for my manuscript and need to check a quote from the preface of that particular edition. According to World Cat, this edition, which I consulted 10 years ago, exists only at the BL and in three libraries in Germany. (And, yes, I did check HathiTrust). 

If you happen to have reproduced the preface of that book, could we compare notes? 

If you're at the British Library right now (or will be in the next week), would you be willing to request the book and look at it for me? I'd be happy to pay you for your time! 

Apologies for cluttered the list with this. 

Wishing you all well on and about Dalloway Day, 

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