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Did a review of an exhibition of William Beekman’s Bloomsbury Collection some years back—and then wrote this in response to a query:

See pp. 31-34 of the Fall/Winter 2008 Miscellany: http://www.home.southernct.edu/~neverowv1/VWM78Fall2010.pdf

Beekman’s connection to the Grollier Club, an elite group of book collectors, is very strong (I worked for a year or so in the library, working on the archive, at the Metropolitan Club here in DC, which is like the Cosmos Club—the more literary).  Members of both are upper-crust elites—or like to think of themselves that way.  

But Beekman’s collection has served as the basis of a couple of exhibitions at the Grollier—but not the Rooms of Their Own, traveling exhibition that began at Cornell.

Enter “William Beekman Grollier Club” in Google for more on the same.

Karen Levenback

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Hi Catherine, Karen, Vara, and All, 

A great question and I look forward to hearing what others collect. Jon Richardson, whom Karen mentioned, has just begun (as of May) sending his catalog out over email (in addition to or independent of hard copy). If you'd like to receive his catalog, email him at Yorkharborbooks at aol.com.

And here is a bibliography of three more essays about collecting VW:

Beekman, William. Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press. New York: Grolier Club, 2004. Fine softcover in an edition of 1500 copies printed for the Grolier Club.

Lewis, Frederick. “Chasing the Moths.” Textualities [an online literary magazine], 2005. <http://textualities.net/frederick-lewis/chasing-the-moths>.

Langham, Linda. Virginia's Pages: On Collecting Woolf's Books and Letters.  Philadelphia: Linda Langham, 1994. Fine booklet.

Note: Langham's booklet was originally published in Firsts: Collecting Modern First Editions 4 (April 1994): page 4, supplement #67. And Langham published a similar essay in the proceedings of the 3rd VW conference, VW: Emerging Perspectives (ed. Hussey and Neverow, intro by Lilienfeld, 1994), under the title "Book Collecting: Virginia's Pages: Collecting Woolf's First Editions & Letters."

Also -- of possible interest to some members of the listserv and some of our students, there's a new prize specifically for under-30 women book collectors, offered by Honey & Wax Booksellers. The deadline is July 15. More info here:


I wish I had met Alex Zwerdling; his book on Woolf is a continuing education. By coincidence I just read a TLS review of his last book, on memoir, here: <http://www.the-tls.co.uk/articles/public/rousseau-confessions-memoirs/>.



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  Hi Catherine,

  That sounds totally brilliant. I do hope I can go to your panel in Reading. And Karen's idea about an essay for the VWM is also brilliant. 


  Vara Neverow
  Department of English
  Southern Connecticut State University
  New Haven, CT 06515
  neverowv1 at southernct.edu


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  Great idea, Catherine!

  Sounds like the project might turn into a terrific article for the Miscellany, eh, Vara?

  (And don't forget Jon Richardson, Catherine.)

  Anyway--I'll get in touch with you soon.

  With best wishes for a fine conference in Reading--
  Karen Levenback

  On Tuesday, June 6, 2017 7:31 PM, Catherine Hollis <hollisc at berkeley.edu> wrote:

  Dear Woolfians,

  In preparation for this year's upcoming conference at Reading, I am thinking about book collecting, Woolf, and the Hogarth Press. Specifically, I'm wondering what we, as members of the Woolf community, collect when/if we collect editions of Woolf's novels or Hogarth Press books?

  Assuming that nobody can afford the $25,000 copy of Kew Gardens (1919) I saw at a recent antiquarian book fair, have you found a more affordable niche for collecting Woolf and/or Hogarth Press books? (I look for battered American editions of Woolf's novels, with somewhat intact Bell dust jackets; Emily Kopley talks about collecting the Hogarth Press Letters pamphlet series).

  I've seen great essays by Kopley and Drew Patrick Shannon on collecting and/or interacting with H.P. / Woolf books, but I'd love to gather more stories about book collecting from within our own Woolfian community.

  If you've got a story, an anecdote, or an article I should read, I'd love to hear from you, either via the list or personal email. Thanks in advance!



  Catherine W. Hollis, PhD

  Instructor, Fall Program for Freshmen

  U.C. Berkeley

  Berkeley, CA 94720

  hollisc at berkeley.edu

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