[Vwoolf] My nearest mainline station happens to be Preston!

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This is a lovely fantasy!


On 7/10/2017 12:58 PM, Stuart N. Clarke wrote:
> Returning Home
> I saw Virginia Woolf at Preston Station.
> A woman with two hats on,
> One a white sun hat, and above that
> A wide-brimmed straw with a black band.
> (Whom was she mourning?)
> She'd lost a plastic bag
> And flapped along the platform
> Like a gull along the tide line,
> Searching about the rows of metal seats,
> She was tall and wore large shoes.
> Her flowered skirt showed briefly
> Below a belted summer mac.
> Did she, I wondered, dream of waves
> And a distant lighthouse,
> Sun on a blind,
> And the acorn blind-pull moving tentatively across the floor?
> No one jeered at her.
> One or two smiled wanly to themselves.
> A well-fed station official,
> Running down the platform with her bag,
> Pursued her between concrete pillars.
> Indifferent observers, waiting for other trains,
> Were we the river stones in her pockets dragging her below the
>     surface?
> But then, I think she rose with slow wing-beats and moved away
> Unrestrained
> Over the swelling crests,
> Into the spaces of her own mind.
> JUDITH YOUNG (b. 1928)
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