[Vwoolf] No plot, no comedy quote

Michael Schrimper mschrimp at umail.iu.edu
Sun Jul 2 15:22:52 EDT 2017

Dear Woolfians,

I am trying to track down a Woolf quote that F.R. Leavis includes in his
1941 essay, "After To the Lighthouse." It's a well-known quote but still I
can't find where it appeared originally. Below is the pertinent part of the
sentence in which Leavis has embedded Woolf; her words are in quotes. Where
do these words appear, originally? My sincere thanks.

Mrs. Woolf's decision to have "no plot, no comedy, no tragedy, no
love-interest or catastrophe in the accepted style" was perhaps to this
extent justified...

Michael Schrimper
Emerson College, Boston
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