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 <http://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/virginia-woolf-and-music> Virginia Woolf
and Music <http://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/virginia-woolf-and-music>
Adriana L. Varga 
   ³Deftly employing meticulous research, music theory and careful reading,
Varga makes a compelling case for meaningful connections linking Woolf,
Schoenberg and Stravinsky² ‹ Virginia Woolf Bulletin, Issue No. 48, January
   "This book explains why Virginia Woolf believed that 'a Beethoven quartet
is the truth about this vast mass that we call the world' and how profoundly
she was influenced by many other composers. Reading the essays collected
here, we understand Woolf¹s conviction that 'we are the music; we are the
thing itself.'" ‹Susan Gubar, author of Rooms of Our Own
   These essays explore music and its relationship to language, aesthetics,
and culture in the life and work of the preeminent Modernist writer Virginia
Woolf (Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, Orlando, A Room of One's Own, and
other works). Approaching Woolf from musicology, literary criticism, and
gender studies, the collection examines Woolf's musical background; music in
Woolf's fiction and critical writings; and the importance of music in the
Bloomsbury milieu and its role within the larger framework of Modernism.
Making use of Woolf's diaries, letters, fiction, and the testimony of her
contemporaries, these essays illuminate the rich and deeply musical nature
of Woolf's works.
Adriana Varga teaches English and Global and Historical Studies at Butler
University, Indianapolis.
Indiana University Press
June 2014 348pp 9 music exx., 3 tables 9780253012555 PB £24.99 now only
£18.74 when you quote CSL115VIWO when you order
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