[Vwoolf] MLA 2016: Woolf, Women, and Politics

Erica Delsandro ericadelsandro at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 17:49:38 EST 2015

Hello all!

Following in the footsteps of Mark and Maren earlier today, I cordially
invite the submission of abstracts for the MLA panel described below,
"Woolf, Women, and Politics."  The CFP is published on the MLA website for
the 2016 convention to be held in Austin, TX, and is registered under
Allied Organizations.  However this panel is the Woolf Society's proposed
panel, not the guaranteed panel.

*Woolf**, Women, and Politics*: Considering Woolf’s vexed relationship with
feminism, how do we understand the model(s) of political agency Woolf’s
female characters portray? Can this inflect our contemporary feminist
theorizing?  If so, how?

Email 500 word abstracts to ericadelsandro at gmail.com by March 15.

Please pass this along to colleagues and friends who might be interested in
submitting.  Thanks so much for your consideration!

All very best -- Erica Delsandro


*Dr. Erica Gene Delsandro*
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