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Leslie Hankins lhankins at cornellcollege.edu
Fri Aug 21 01:58:24 EDT 2015

Hello Woolfians, I plan to give a talk at Duke (where I did my undergrad
years) about the infamous writing desk, Woolf and desks, and Woolf writing
in general, and I'm asking for any and all references, rumors, facts, and
factoids, about VW and desks.  I will of course credit you all, but I am
immensely curious, because I've heard so many rumors through the
years--along with different historical accounts.  I think it would be
amusing to winnow through them.  I would very much appreciate any and all

You can respond to me offlist:  lhankins at cornellcollege.edu

Best, leslie

Leslie Kathleen Hankins
Department of English & Creative Writing

*"Moreover, however interesting facts may be, they are an inferior form of
fiction, & gradually we become impatient of their weakness & diffuseness,
of their compromises & evasions, of the slovenly sentences which they make
for themselves, and are eager to revive ourselves with the greater
intensity & truth of fiction." *
                                                         Virginia Woolf,
"How Should One Read a Book?"
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