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hmmmm, I'm going to have to ask for a little more to go on than that... who
are these alleged queer theorists who have fallen in to said trap? Also,
there are many things we don't ask of "heterosexual identity" because it's
already operating from the luxurious position of power and credentials, its
validation is assumed... and, perhaps, this is part of this author's
point?? it's difficult to tell from the passage, but I'd question the
throwing under the bus implied in the "Many queer theorists" phrase.


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> A propos of nothing, I have just found these words in a book I'm editing
> for Edinburgh University Press called Women and the Gothic. I am inclined
> to agree with Ardel Haefele-Thomas, and it frees us from a lot of prurient
> investigations.
> Of course, one’s sexual orientation does not necessarily need to hinge on
> the fact of sex. Many queer theorists have fallen into the trap of needing
> to ‘prove’ that someone had sexual encounters to be queer. We certainly do
> not ask that heterosexual identity be validated in the same way.
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