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The attachment featuring Virginia Woolf's desk acquired by Duke didn't come through. Here's a link to a post on Blogging Woolf that features a photo of it: https://bloggingwoolf.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/desk-designed-by-virginia-woolf-part-of-newly-acquired-collection/
 Paula Maggio   
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Today's Topics:

  1. From The New Yorker app--Ethel Smyth review+ (Karen Levenback)
  2. Austin Restaurants (Kristin Czarnecki)
  3. NYTimes.com: ��he Marriage of Opposites,��by Alice
      Hoffman (kllevenback)
  4. Duke Magazine pix of VW desk (Leslie Hankins)


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Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2015 09:23:49 -0400
From: Karen Levenback <kllevenback at rcn.com>
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Subject: [Vwoolf] From The New Yorker app--Ethel Smyth review+
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I thought you would want to read Musical Events: Renegades, by Alex Ross. Rare works by Harry Partch and Ethel Smyth. http://nyr.kr/1IKq6jN Subscribe to The New Yorker now: http://bit.ly/13UzSJl

There's also a review of Michael Cunningham's latest in the same Issue.

Karen Levenback

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Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 12:47:07 +0000
From: Kristin Czarnecki <Kristin_Czarnecki at georgetowncollege.edu>
To: "vwoolf at lists.osu.edu" <vwoolf at lists.osu.edu>,
Subject: [Vwoolf] Austin Restaurants
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Good morning,

Thanks to those of you who got back to me with Austin restaurant recommendations for our IVWS dinner during MLA. I've contacted several of them, and they each want a minimum guarantee of anywhere from $2500-$3500! I have yet to locate a place that will simply hold a reservation and work out a per-person price. So, I'm asking again for recommendations of more casual places from anyone out there who knows Austin or knows someone who knows Austin.

Many thanks!


Kristin Czarnecki
President, International Virginia Woolf Society
Associate Professor of English
Georgetown College, Pawling Hall 110
Georgetown, KY 40324

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Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 08:30:10 -0400
From: kllevenback <emailthis at ms3.lga2.nytimes.com> 
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Subject: NYTimes.com: ��he Marriage of Opposites,��by Alice
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From: Leslie Hankins <lhankins at cornellcollege.edu>
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Hi all, Duke U acquired VW's writing desk (I believe designed by Vanessa)
and here is a scan of the one page piece with picture, entitled "Crazy
Smart" (which is a term duke uses for their students, but seems a poor
choice here one might say)

savoring the summer, leslie

Leslie Kathleen Hankins
Department of English & Creative Writing

*"Moreover, however interesting facts may be, they are an inferior form of
fiction, & gradually we become impatient of their weakness & diffuseness,
of their compromises & evasions, of the slovenly sentences which they make
for themselves, and are eager to revive ourselves with the greater
intensity & truth of fiction." *
                                                        Virginia Woolf,
"How Should One Read a Book?"
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