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Julie and All,
  Tangential but related -- the photo of 'Orlando at the present time'
seems designed to illustrate this passage that approximates Orlando’s verse:

Let us go, then, exploring, this summer morning, when all are adoring the
plum blossom and the bee. And humming and hawing, let us ask of the
starling [ . . . ] what he may think on the brink of the dust bin, whence
he picks among the sticks combings of scullion’s hair. What’s life, we
ask, *leaning
on the farmyard gate;* Life, Life, Life! cries the bird, as if he had
heard. (199, Harcourt, ed. DiBattista)

VSW's *The Land *describes a character in the same pose as the questioning

. . . him *who leans upon the gate to stare*

And muse “How delicate in spring they be,

That mobled blossom and that wimpled tree (46 in VSW's 1926 *Collected

Incidentally, in the anthology *Another World Than This* (1945), VSW broke
the above *Orlando* passage into lines (following the example of Raymond
Mortimer, in his review of *Orlando*) and presented it as one of her
favorite poems.

So, Julie, it might be worth seeing if *The Land* has any sartorial


On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 8:02 AM, Vandivere, Julie <jvandive at bloomu.edu>

> Yes, the white triangle is the fencing. But below it is something that is
> probably the hat band or interior of the hat. And, while I would like to
> think that the darkness coming down is a jacket, I might have to concede it
> is only a shadow. I’d be much happier if it were a jacket or wrap instead
> of a shadow. I was looking for the same sort of sartorial purposefulness
> that is in the other shots.
> I have the uncropped version from the first edition and keep looking at
> the two other photographs taken the same day that appear in Glendinnig. One
> makes it clear that the walking stick is more of a shepherd’s crook, but no
> jacket or wrap appears.
> Thanks for your input. Although it feels a bit like “Where’s Waldo,” it’s
> nice to see you (especially you, Stuart) saw the ambiguity the shadows
> created.
> Julie
> On Aug 10, 2015, at 7:24 AM, Mary Ellen Foley <mefoleyuk at gmail.com> wrote:
> Surely the white triangle is the top of the diagonal bit of fencing?  Or
> am I looking at the wrong white triangle?
> Mary Ellen
> On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 12:34 AM, Vandivere, Julie <jvandive at bloomu.edu>
> wrote:
>> You were all so helpful before, when I was asking about a different
>> photograph in Orlando. I’m at my wit’s end and would like to crowdsource
>> again. What do you think Vita is holding in this photograph? I’m including
>> both the full photo and the area in question.  I know this might seem like
>> a silly question. but I’m working on an article about how orchestrated the
>> illustrations are, and this is the last piece.  If all the other
>> illustrations were carefully constructed, this one would be too, and I
>> cannot make out two items:  the white triangular item close to the top (not
>> the fence, just below it) and the drape-like item that extends to the left
>> of her skirt.  It’s not a shadow, the contours don’t match.
>> Any takers?
>> Thanks.
>> Julie
>> <ORL_13585127050-1.jpg>
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