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Hi All,

I saw that you were discussing the Fordham University Press title on Louise
DeSalvo. I am posting information about the book below for those that are
interested and offering a discount to VWOOLF subscribers.

Personal Effects
Essays on Memoir, Teaching, and Culture in the Work of Louise DeSalvo
Edited by Nancy Caronia and Edvige Giunta
   "A very important contribution in the field of Italian American studies,
ethnic studies, cultural studies, feminist studies, literary studies in
general, and studies on the memoir in particular. Personal Effects explores
Louise DeSalvo's work as a memoir writer, teacher, and scholar, illustrating
the contribution Italian American authors can give both to Italian culture
and to American culture and literature." ‹Caterina Romeo, Sapienza
Universita di Roma
   "Personal Effects is a significant contribution to DeSalvo scholarship.
It is a stunning example of the power of blending literary and cultural
criticism with creative nonfiction." ‹Roseanne Giannini Quinn, DeAnza
   "Wide-ranging, sophisticated,and stylish, Personal Effects is both a
brilliant tribute to a powerful scholar-memoirist and a significant
contribution to Italian-American studies and cultural studies more
generally. It is a collection to savor!"‹Sandra Mortola Gilbert, author of
The Culinary Imagination
   Celebrating one of the most important Italian American female authors of
our time, Personal Effects offers a lucid view of Louise DeSalvo as a writer
who has produced a vast and provocative body of memoir writing, a scholar
who has enriched our understanding of Virginia Woolf, and a teacher who has
transformed countless lives. More than an anthology, Personal Effects
represents an author case study and an example for modern Italian American
interdisciplinary scholarship.
   Personal Effects examines DeSalvo's memoirs as works that push the
boundaries of the most controversial genre of the past few decades. In these
works, the author fearlessly explores issues such as immigration,
domesticity, war, adultery, illness, mental health, sexuality, the
environment, and trauma through the lens of gender, ethnic, and
working-class identity. Alongside her groundbreaking scholarship, DeSalvo's
memoirs attest to the power and influence of this feminist Italian American
Fordham University Press
ISBN 9780823262274 288pp £29.99 now only £22.49 when you quote CS1114SALV
<http://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/personal-effects>  when you order.

UK Postage and Packing £2.95, Europe £4.50
<http://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/personal-effects>  for discount)
To order a copy please contact Marston on +44(0)1235 465500 or email
direct.orders at marston.co.uk <mailto:direct.orders at marston.co.uk>
or visit our website:
where you can also receive your discount
 *Offer excludes the USA, South America and Australasia.
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> http://fordhampress.com/index.php/featuredbooks/persona-effects-cloth.html
> of possible interest to the VW list, this recent festschrift includes two
> Woolf-related essays (mine and Benjamin Hagen¹s).
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