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Ms. Humm,
Do you take it from this that deaccession, and moving out of the neighborhood, is a done deal? Today's protest has five goals including staying in the building and consulting its staff, per this blog:

"We are campaigning to: * Keep the collection intact * Retain its expert staff * Remain in the dedicated building on Old Castle St. We accept that alternative streams of funding should be sought and insist that any negotiations with potential new sponsors should be open and transparent and consultative of the staff themselves." 

With thanks,
Jeannette Smyth

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>Dear Alice
>Just for information if helpful. The campaign  to save the Women's Library
>has been ongoing for some time.
>Below is the latest information which adds some useful background and links
>about the current position.
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>Dear Sir/Madam,
>Please see the following message, forwarded from Paul Bowler, Deputy Chief
>Yours Sincerely,
>Beth Mercer
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>An update: The Women's Library
>In March London Metropolitan University governors decided to seek a new home
>for The Women's Library, as part of our efforts to make significant cost
>savings. Since then the University has received a great deal of interest,
>which has resulted in five organisations currently preparing bids to acquire
>the collections. The bidders are:
>Senate House, University of London
>Manchester City Council
>London School of Economics
>Warwick University
>University of York
>All organisations bidding to be the new custodian have received copies of the
>Selection Criteria, which were drawn from suggestions from our stakeholders.
>For a copy of the criteria please visit our website or email
>moreinfo at thewomenslibrary.ac.uk <mailto:moreinfo at thewomenslibrary.ac.uk>  to
>request a copy.
>I am optimistic that The Women's Library has a bright future and I will write
>to you soon with what I hope will be very good news
>The five organisations have until 24 August 2012 to write a bid for The
>Women's Library. On 27 September 2012 the Board of Governors will be asked to
>approve a recommendation from the Selection Panel, after which I will be
>writing to you again to confirm who will be the Library's new custodian. In
>the meantime, if you have any further questions about this process or any
>items you have donated to the collection, please contact Beth Mercer, Head of
>The Women's Library on b.mercer at londonmet.ac.uk
><mailto:b.mercer at londonmet.ac.uk> . 
>Paul Bowler
>Deputy Chief Executive
>Companies Act 2006 : http://www.londonmet.ac.uk/companyinfo
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