[Vwoolf] FW: FINAL REMINDER Essay Prize DEADLINE - 1st October 2012

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A reminder regarding the deadline for Julia Briggs Essay Prize…

Vara Neverow
From: ruthwebb <ruthwebb at talk21.com<mailto:ruthwebb at talk21.com>>
To: Vara Neverow <neverowv1 at southernct.edu<mailto:neverowv1 at southernct.edu>>
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Subject: FINAL REMINDER Essay Prize DEADLINE - 1st October 2012

Dear Vara,

The VWSGB would be extremely grateful if you would send out the final reminder (below) of the 1st October deadline for the Julia Briggs Essay Prize to all your members.  As I shan't be accessing my e-mails between 2nd and 17th September, I've put that information in bold in the message below.

With many thanks for your help.

Very best wishes,


From: ruthwebb<mailto:ruthwebb at talk21.com>
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2012 10:57 AM
Subject: FINAL REMINDER Essay Prize DEADLINE - 1st October 2012

This is a final reminder of the DEADLINE of 1 OCTOBER 2012 for the

Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain (VWSGB)

Julia Briggs 2013 Memorial Essay Prize Competition

in the hope that you are either interested in it personally, or that you may publicize it to others.

The VWSGB would like to attract as many people as possible to take an interest in the prize, which honours the memory of a great Woolf scholar.  (Please see the attachment for further information about both Julia Briggs and entering the competition.)  If you are interested in the competition or are able to publicize it any any way, the VWSGB wishes to remind potential entrants that the deadline is fast approaching.

I look forward to hearing from you and/or other people you know who might be interested in the essay-prize BY 1st OCTOBER.  I shall not be dealing with e-mails between 2nd and 17th September 2012.  No entries will be accepted after 1st October.  The prize will be given in April 2013.

With very best wishes,

Ruth Webb

Ruth Webb
VWSGB Vice-Chair
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