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Hi Molly,

I think the two entries from the Spring 2011 issue of the Virginia Woolf
Miscellany listed below could be useful (you can search and read the PDFs
online by entering key words).

Both Claire Nicholson's article, "Virginia Woolf and Her 'Clothes
Complex,'" and Sally Jacobsen's review of R. S. Koppen's Virginia Woolf,
Fashion and Literary Modernity and Catherine Gregg's Virginia Woolf and
'Dress Mania': 'The Eternal and Insoluble Question of Clothes'" discuss
clothing and Woolf's anxieties about it. There's also an article by Jane
Garrity in a previous issue that focuses on clothing and the Omega



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>To the list--
>I've been trying to track down where Leonard Woolf notes that Virginia
>thought people laughed at her clothing.  Or something of the sort.
>Thanks, Molly
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