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Thank you very much for your interesting contribution. I have already downloaded it.
Franco Picollo

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Dear Kinema Japan members:

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my new book Media Convergence in Japan, co-edited with Patrick W. Galbraith. This collection of essays explores the convergences and divergences arising from the digital transition in Japanese media culture. The ebook version has been published for free and open access in PDF<https://archive.org/download/MediaConvergenceInJapan/Media%20Convergence%20in%20Japan.pdf>,  ePub<https://archive.org/download/MediaConvergenceInJapan/Media%20Convergence%20in%20Japan.epub>, and Mobi<https://archive.org/download/MediaConvergenceInJapan/MediaConvergenceInJapan.mobi> formats for download from the Internet Archive<https://archive.org/details/MediaConvergenceInJapan>  For those seeking a print copy of the book, it is available for order from Amazon’s global network at a reasonable price. This book was an experiment in academic publishing that was made possible through the cooperation of Kinema Club. Patrick and I appreciate the support of Markus and Aaron as well as the other members of the Kinema Club Editorial Collective.

Media Convergence in Japan

Table of Contents

Introduction: At the Crossroads of Media Convergence in Japan
Patrick W. Galbraith and Jason G. Karlin

1. Precarious Consumption After 3/11: Television Advertising in Risk Society
Jason G. Karlin

2. Networking Citizens through Film Screenings: Cinema and Media in Post-3/11 Social Movements
Hideaki Fujiki

3. Convergence and Globalization in the Japanese Videogame Industry
Mia Consalvo

4. When the Media Do Not Quite Converge: The Case of Fuji TV and Livedoor
Shinji Oyama and Dario Lolli

5. Obasan and Kanryū: Modalities of Convergence of Middle-Aged Japanese Women Around South Korean Popular Culture and Gender Divergence in Japan
John Lie

6. On Two-Dimensional Cute Girls: Virtual Idols
Yoshida Masataka

7. Ensoulment and Effacement in Japanese Voice Acting
Shunsuke Nozawa

8. Producing Hatsune Miku: Concerts, Commercialization and the Politics of Peer Production
Alex Leavitt, Tara Knight, and Alex Yoshiba

9. The Labor of Love: On the Convergence of Fan and Corporate Interests in Contemporary Idol Culture in Japan
Patrick W. Galbraith

10. Anxious Proximity: Media Convergence, Celebrity and Internet Negativity
Daniel Johnson

Best regards,

Jason G. Karlin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
The University of Tokyo
Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113-0033 JAPAN
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