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Dear Kinejapaners,

I apologize for self-promotion. I wish to let you know that me and prof. Hiromi Yagi have translated in Italian and edited a selection of Ozu’s writings, with a preface by Dario Tomasi.
The book, called “Scritti sul cinema” (“Writings on Cinema”) has been published by Donzelli:
The book collects various Ozu’s utterances, letters from China’s front and interviews from 1931 to 1962, never published before in Italy and, in many cases, in the West.

Yasujirō Ozu, Scritti sul cinema, a cura di Franco Picollo e Hiromi Yagi. Prefazione di Dario Tomasi, Donzelli, Roma, 2016, pp. XXIV-248. ISBN: 9788868434816, euro 26,00.

Franco Picollo
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