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Nice work!

Pauline Kael, who was born on a California chicken farm, was the
quintessential rural girl with a yen for the city. She dissed Georges
Rouquier's 1946 farm documentary "Farrebique" in a manner similar to that
in which she put down Shindo's film, strongly conveying her feeling that
country life was so boring that she could not imagine why anyone would make
films about it. Throughout her career, she was utterly indifferent to the
landscape tradition in cinema and all genres which partake in it (e.g.,
Westerns). The snarky comment "It's pictorial, all right" is quite

Although undeniably a brilliant prose writer, Kael is not exactly the most
reliable guide to world cinema. Although at least she showed an interest in
it in her early career, reflected in the capsule reviews in "Kiss Kiss Bang
Bang". By her later years, she scarcely paid attention to any non-American
films at all (Stuart Byron once called her out on this). I don't believe
she ever wrote a full-length review of a Fassbinder or a Herzog film, for

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> Dear KineJapaners:
> I want to direct your attention to a film review
> <http://worldcinemaparadise.com/2016/05/30/the-truthful-fakery-of-kaneto-shindo-a-review-of-the-naked-island>
> I wrote which has just been published on Stuart Galbraith IV's web
> publication, World Cinema Paradise. The film is The Naked Island (Hadaka no
> shima, 1960) by Kaneto Shindō, which has just been released on DVD and
> Blu-ray by Criterion.
> Any feedback would be appreciated.
> John David Baldwin
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